A.C STEP-UP & DOWN TRANSFORMER (ST-1000/1500/2000)

A.C STEP-UP & DOWN TRANSFORMER (ST-1000/1500/2000)

Model No.︰ST-3000

Brand Name︰Goldsource

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ MODEL:
ST-1000 1000W
ST-1500 1500W
ST-2000 2000W
ST-3000 3000W

Heavy duty voltage transformer for continuous use.
This voltage transformer can be used in 110 volt countries and 200-220-240 volt countries¡£
It will convert from 220-240 volt to 110-120 volt AND from 110-120 volt to 220-240 volt.
Input: 110/200/220/240 Volt
Output: 110/220-240 Volt

Advantages︰ ST step-up down transformer is an AC voltage converting device.Using it is to convert the multi-kind net voltages into a general output voltage under which all the electroelectronic units are safe for use within the rated power range. Input voltage:AC110V or 220V or 220V or 240V With fuse protector or with over current protector Output voltage:AC110V and 220V


Export Markets︰ ALL WORLD

Payment Details︰ T/T

Ship Date︰ 30 DAYS

Standard Met︰ CE

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